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The Spirit of Mawhobbi through our designmanship seeks to empower individuals, communities, and nations in the global marketplace by utilizing communication, collaboration, and cooperation, as we thrive to be a principle brand of a chosen lifestyle.


Mawhobbi was born in Paris, when its founder put his talent to work and created a leather bag for a model in Europe. Overwhelmed by rave reviews of his first creation, he began perfecting his craft. Within two years, his workmanship turned heads in Paris, and he was invited to showcase the Mawhobbi line at the most prestigious salon exhibit in Premier Classe, Paris, alongside top designers Karl Lagerfield, Chanel, Yves Saint-Laurent, and Christian Dior.

Over the past two decades, Mawhobbi has traveled the world. Mawhobbi is a Ménage of What Was, What Is and What Shall Be… As a true evolution of art, our company has been taking top quality raw materials with exclusive relationships and producing, innovating, creating, and designing hand tailor-made leather accessories, home décor, exclusive interior and commercial designs. No matter what product you purchase, Mawhobbi’s designmanship upholds the most outstanding and demanding specifications of high quality perfection with a signature stitch that secures a lifetime guarantee. The Gift of Mawhobbi is the product for a chosen lifestyle. Join us in leaving a legacy that will be stitched throughout history™. Read our
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